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Horoscope Aquarius 3rd Decanate


The Libra-decanate of Aquarius is pictured by CETUS, which mythology informs us is the largest constellation in the sky. This Whale was the monster that devoured the innocent youths of the country as a punishment for the haughty pride of their queen. In this manner is symbolized the tendency of those born under this influence [...]

Horoscope Aquarius 2nd Decanate


The Flying Horse – PEGASUS – pictures among the constellations the Mercury-decanate of Aquarius. The wings pictured upon the symbol of mind indicate the ability to leave the material body and travel in the super-physical world in the astral form. This may take place volitionally, or quite unconsciously so far as the objective mind is [...]

Horoscope Aquarius 1st Decanate


A horse, which is an animal used to carry a person to a desired locality, has been used from ancient times as a symbol of mind. And to picture the Uranus-decanate of Aquarius the ancients placed the head of a horse – EQUULEUS – among the constellations. Those born under this section of the sky [...]

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