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Leo Horoscope 2016


Saturn in Scorpio can be for Leo a sign of increasing commitment and responsibility within the home environment. Usually this new found sense of responsibility involves the physical home itself, though the manifestation is not limited to the physical structure alone since emotional responsibility is also an issue. The condition of your home, apartment or [...]

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising


Now these people are attention-getters! But they don’t usually prefer it. They’re afraid it’ll blow their Scorpio cover. Things aren’t always what they seem with these folks. There’s a robust nature here that usually prevails and walks away with whatever it came for. Scorpios with Leo rising always have an agenda, and they don’t handle [...]

Gemini Sun Leo Rising


These are the well-informed people who inspire your confidence and hold themselves responsible for their deeds. They’re not as prone as other Geminians to gloss over things and miss the point. And with their cordial open-mindedness, they are always willing to listen to objections. What’s not to like? When we mix Gemini’s “smart aleck” with [...]

Taurus Sun Leo Rising


Now these people take the bull by the horns and pursue their goals with a “stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this” attitude. They’re super determined, masterfully competent, and striking in their delivery. Lordly Leo’s pride, fearlessness, and “do it right the first time” mentality is a good complement to Taurus’ practicality and [...]

Aries Sun Leo Rising


Nobody else in the zodiac makes a bigger “early bird catches the worm” splash than Aries, and here it’s wrapped up in a warm, sunny, robust, big impression, Lordly Leo personality. Upbeat, springtime Aries’ positive, honest, and expedient character sets the stage beautifully for Leo’s “Stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this” attitude. [...]

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