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Pisces Sun Leo Rising


Now here’s a wild imagination teamed up with an ability to leave big impressions. And when an artistic Pisces ego teams with theatrical Leo the actor nsing—you get people who love drama! They’re masterful at creating an image and presenting it in the most impressive ways. And they’re adept at selling themselves and their concepts. [...]

Aquarius Sun Leo Rising


With a robust demeanor and a striking appearance, an attention-getting Leo personality leaves a big impression all by itself, so Aquarians with Leo rising need to put their “best foot forward” to rally support and inspire confidence. Friendly and magnetic triumphs over sour and disagreeable every time, but look-at-me Leo ups the ante tremendously. These [...]

Capricorn Sun Leo Rising


Now here’s a sober Old Goat with enough showmanship to leave an impression. These Capricorns are usually way out in front, looking for ways to display their competence, and if they’ve any objectivity in their judgment and wisdom in their deeds, they move mountains on a daily basis. With their keen sense of responsibility bolstered [...]

Sagittarius Sun Leo Rising


Now this can be a severe case of overkill! These people rush in where angels fear to tread. Though their striking appearance, robust behavior, and obvious enthusiasm are always noticed, and they have a “good time Charlie” presence, people nonetheless wish sometimes that these Sagittarians would just tone it down and cool their jets. They’re [...]

Libra Sun Leo Rising


With an attention-getting and sometimes striking appearance and an “I can handle it” attitude, these people might be quite noticeable in a crowd. And even when they don’t immediately stand out, their robust behavior grabs people’s attention sooner or later. The generosity of a Lordly Leo personality is a great attribute for generating that “I [...]

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