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Moon Sun in Medical Astrology

Moon Hars Aspect/Conjunct Sun A deficiency of Vitamin B2 and/or Potassium, or those minerals and vitamins ruled by the Sun, is possible with this aspect. There can be an imbalance between your vitality, energy and enthusiasm on the one hand, and your inner capacity to cope with all that is going on in your external [...]

Moon in Medical Astrology

The Moon symbolises our capacity to give and receive nurturing. Our feelings, emotions and personal inner life all relate to the Moon, as does food and nutrition. Our emotional wellbeing often relates to inherited patterns of behaviour from our parents and/or defence mechanisms that we learnt in childhood. The sign in which the Moon is [...]

Horoscope Moon in 12th House


Your own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to you, and it is often difficult for you to share with others what you are feeling. You frequently withdraw from contact with the world, and need a healing, peaceful environment in order to blossom and come out of yourself. You identify with the oppressed, [...]

Horoscope Moon in 11th House


You get a lot of emotional fulfillment through your involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, community activities, or a network of close friends who support and care for you. You make friends your family, and feel a close kinship with people who share some ideals or beliefs that you hold dear. You need people outside of [...]

Horoscope Moon in 10th House


You work well with the public and have an instinct for what the public wants and will respond to. Having a “nest” is not especially important to you, and you may invest more of your emotional energy into your career or public life than in your private life. Providing for and caring for others in [...]

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