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Horoscope Neptune in Pisces


With Neptune’s transit out of Aquarius and into Pisces we will pass from massive change personally and socially into understanding a new order of life. Our natural psychic faculties will be called upon as we understand what has happened during the first decade of a new millennium. Idealism and self-sacrificing ways will be strong. Money [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Aquarius


Neptune’s entrance into Aquarius brings deep interest in humanitarian causes. There is a tendency to messianic feelings of social and economic reconstruction, perhaps an inclination toward dubious methods of accomplishing worthwhile goals (an “ends justify the means” attitude). There will be a challenge to understand your true friends apart from manipulative and deceptive acquaintances. Watch [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Capricorn


This combination resembles footprints in the sand: visible until the tide washes the beach clean. Strong intuition in business matters, even real genius, is qualified by possible miserliness and a penchant for fuzzy-headed schemes (the motives of which are always mixed). A barrage of leveraged buy-outs has sent the corporate world into a dither, and [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Sagittarius


Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur – a mythical half horse / half man, and so we find Neptune in this sign characterized by conflict between the Higher and Lower Selves. There is much interest in religion and mythology. There is the desire to explore, travel, move about, try new ideas, experiment with new ways [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Scorpio


The people and nations of the world are aware of the awesome, death-dealing possibilities of nuclear war. Atomic-powered submarines in the depths of the seas play their role in the struggle for power. Those born under this influence want to plumb the secrets of the Universe. The mystery of life and death is theirs to [...]

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