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Gemini Sun Pisces Rising


These people are unassuming, and they aim to please—but they’re a tad secretive. Peaceful Pisces’ “don’t rock the boat” mentality has an interesting effect on chatty Gemini. The non-combative, unassuming qualities of Pisces the cosmic traveler blend pretty well with Gemini’s sincerity. These Geminians avoid disagreement and disapproval at all costs; they keep their mouth [...]

Taurus Sun Pisces Rising


A whimsical Pisces personality works rather well with the patient, long-suffering Bull. It gives a lighter touch. These people listen as well as speak, and they’re better at peaceful solutions than other Taureans. A more gentle approach augments Taurus’ ability to make things easy, yet fruitful. With an open mind, Pisces absorbs what’s being heard, [...]

Aries Sun Pisces Rising


Always fascinating, and sometimes glamorous! When the Aries ego is complemented by a whimsical, somewhat delicate, Pisces personality, the result is a tantalizing blend of charisma and artistry. Arians with Pisces rising have a wonderful eye for beauty, and they’re superb at imaging. As the sign of illusion, Pisces often gives them a photogenic quality. [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Pisces


With Neptune’s transit out of Aquarius and into Pisces we will pass from massive change personally and socially into understanding a new order of life. Our natural psychic faculties will be called upon as we understand what has happened during the first decade of a new millennium. Idealism and self-sacrificing ways will be strong. Money [...]

Horoscope Uranus in Pisces


Your genius is for inner truth and self-sufficiency. Rugged individualism in the economic sense will not appeal to you, but in the security of a new social order you will achieve a new individualism, based on self-knowledge and self-respect. You will take for granted the new world in which your maturity will be spent, a [...]

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