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Pisces Horoscope 29-30


Gifted in many ways but lacking in continuity of though. Concentrated effort would enable him to accomplish much that he dreams of. – Muir May have the power to turn troubles into triumph; spiritual or mediumistic and intuitive; an especially good degree when there are also planets in Taurus; a fatalistic influence; a dreamer who [...]

Pisces Horoscope 28-29


A good understanding of many subjects; sometimes slow in speech despite good mental aptitude; may be interested in astrology or scientific research; a reliable employer or employee; consumption; diabetes; low blood sugar; toenails of right foot. – Henson A dreamer who sorrows with sorrowful and incurs displeasure through his misguided enthusiasms. – Muir Leo with [...]

Pisces Horoscope 27-28


The aim and ambition in life is to serve humanity; an ambitious person with literary or political talent; many struggles in early life; religious or occult leaders; astrology writers (use some orb); gamblers; eczema; Bright’s disease; acute nephritis (kidneys); phalanges of left foot. – Henson Gifted in many ways. Wealthy friends who advance his interests. [...]

Pisces Horoscope 26-27


Painting; music; suicide; a very industrious person; high minded, religious, philosophical, and profound; a person who makes many friends and may enemies; an occult degree; the lower type may be superficial; affliction may denote obsession; phalanges of right foot. – Henson Kindly, well-disposed forming friendships readily and responding to the moods of friends rather than [...]

Pisces Horoscope 25-26


Tyrannical disposition; panting; usually denotes one who is fearless or headstrong; not a good degree unless the person can overcome erratic inclinations; gout; neurasthenia; cancer; nerves of lower foot. – Henson Keen intuitions, lover of travel which is not without danger. Clever, inventive, practical. – Muir Sensitive degree of Scorpio and Pisces, rich inner life, [...]

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