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Progressed Moon in Pisces


Depending on how accustomed you are to Piscean energy already, you may start to think you’re going a bit crazy as you enter this progression! It’s very likely that these “symptoms” may arise as a side effect of the fairy world calling to you. Some people find themselves deliciously imaginative and creative, while other people [...]

Progressed Moon in Aquarius


Fed up with following the rules? Your own rules, society’s rules, or just the status quo that you’ve been living with for too long? You might start feeling like you’re ready to break something. This may be out of anger, but more than likely it’s simply out of a growing realization that if you can [...]

Progressed Moon in Capricorn


After the open-ended freedom of the past couple of years, the first thing you might notice as you enter Capricorn is an increasing sense of constraint. The restlessness that made you excited and enthusiastic to start another day of possibilities may feel irritating now, and the idea of hundreds of possibilities can leave you feeling [...]

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius


Sagittarius is the archer, shooting the arrow into the heavens. The desire to soar high and far is beginning to fill your heart as your progressed Moon enters Sagittarius. After the heaviness of the Scorpio progression, your heart feels increasingly lighter now and while you probably did important and transformative work during Scorpio, this energy [...]

Progressed Moon in Scorpio


One of the most noticeable shifts from a Libra progression to a Scorpio progression is a diminishing of the urge for social interaction. Whether you are someone who is always out with a different friend or someone who likes to hang out on your own anyway, you will notice a desire for less social interaction. [...]

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