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Pisces Sun Sagittarius Rising


If any sun sign/rising sign combination was born with a ticket to ride it’s Pisces with Sagittarius rising. An exuberant, Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality brings Pisces out into the open and fuels the confidence of these wonderfully sharing and caring, Florence Nightingale types. These people are kind-hearted good listeners with winning ways; they’ve an “it’s okay, [...]

Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising


Friendly, electric, “Gee, I kinda like that guy” Aquarius coupled with the winner of the zodiac? There’s so much positive energy here it’s almost unfair! Magnetic Aquarians never looked better than they do with a winning smile and an encouraging word. These people set a great example for those less fortunate or those with less [...]

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Rising


It’s a ying and yang lifetime for these people! Positive, sweet Sagittarius is the antithesis of sour, sober Capricorn, so these people bounce back and forth between positive and negative thoughts. But remember: Sagittarius brings heavenly kindness and Capricorn brings earthly wisdom. So with good character and a productive blend of their divergent qualities, these [...]

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising


Even when they’re big and round with a Jolly Old King Cole demeanor, these people trot on the balls of their feet! It’s nearly impossible for these “saddle up” folks to hold their horses, even when they hear a chorus of “whoa, Nelly!” from the peanut gallery. Anyone who’s willing to love these Sagittarius smiley [...]

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising


Here comes insightful Scorpio, with a bevy of winning ways and maybe some dancing girls to boot! They’ve a celebrative disposition that sparks enthusiasm and has everyone following merrily along with wild anticipation. It’s an easy flow for these people to accentuate the positive, so Scorpios with sweet, optimistic Sagittarius rising can be Scorpio-powerful in [...]

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