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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising


If forgiveness is heavenly and leads to earthly peace, then freedom-loving Sagittarius with delicate, kind-hearted, and whimsical Pisces rising is a good match. This is the winning disposition tempered by the peace-making “cosmic traveler.” Pisces is delicate, gentle, and devoted to caring for living things—the Florence Nightingale of the zodiac. And with a happy-go-lucky Sagittarius [...]

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising


Here comes the Pied Piper with a friendly, magnetic “Gee! I kinda like that guy!” personality. These people are inherently able to put their best foot forward. Their grinnin’ and grippin’ skills always elicit a positive response. How do you argue with a winning attitude that makes you feel like you’re part of the team? [...]

Sagittarius Sun Capricorn Rising


These people are truly double-edged swords! Sagittarius is sweet and positive, but if they’re not careful, Capricorn can be sour and negative. Taking care of business comes easily here, but keeping a positive outlook while giving the devil his due is essential. If these people are heavenly kind in their attitude and earthly wise in [...]

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Rising


Even when they’re big and round with a Jolly Old King Cole demeanor, these people trot on the balls of their feet! It’s nearly impossible for these “saddle up” folks to hold their horses, even when they hear a chorus of “whoa, Nelly!” from the peanut gallery. Anyone who’s willing to love these Sagittarius smiley [...]

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising


A Sagittarius ego fueled by Scorpio’s grab-the-handle, get-up-and-go gusto is fully stoked! These folks are a full-throttle blast—if you can keep up! There’s never any time to waste: An endless list of things to do, places to go, and people to see keeps them hopping. And if they’ve Sagittarius’ good judgment and Scorpio’s insight, their [...]

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