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Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising


Now this is an odd combination! Secretive Scorpio coupled with chatty, informative Gemini is a strange fit at best. These people focus better than other Geminians, but their secretiveness works against them. They need to learn how to trust. If they over come their aversion to feeling vulnerable and possess enough courage to risk rejection, [...]

Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising


These are some serious go-getters with pretty good people skills, considering how hell-bent they are to get what they want. Taurus determination and Scorpio gusto add up to voracity! There’s almost too much energy in this combination, a passionate, hot sexuality, a sensual touch, a tendency to bite off a great big chunk; they drink [...]

Aries Sun Scorpio Rising


Buckle up if you intend to ride along with these people, because they’re always on the move! Aries’ impulsiveness is accentuated by “full of gusto,” “do it now and think about it later,” “grab the handle and break it” Scorpio. These are the two most active, energetic signs in the zodiac, and the only two [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Scorpio


The people and nations of the world are aware of the awesome, death-dealing possibilities of nuclear war. Atomic-powered submarines in the depths of the seas play their role in the struggle for power. Those born under this influence want to plumb the secrets of the Universe. The mystery of life and death is theirs to [...]

Horoscope Uranus in Scorpio


Uranus in Scorpio causes your genius to work through deep wells of the subconscious and makes for tremendous power for good or bad. You are angel or devil – or, at different times, both. Your personal magnetism is powerful, and you seek for your originality personal tribute from the world or from individuals. You can [...]

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