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Pisces Sun Scorpio Rising


It’s anybody’s guess where these people are coming from. All you can do is look for warmth in their eyes and watch their behavior—and there’s apt to be lots of behavior to watch! Scorpio’s “full of gusto” is alive and well here, so these Pisceans are tremendously active and big contributors to boot. Scorpio’s intensity [...]

Aquarius Sun Scorpio Rising


With an intense, Mysterious Scorpio personality and an on-guard alertness, these people are always vigilant, on their toes, and ready for anything. They show up full of purpose and generally have a “come hell or high water” attitude. They’re not very tolerant, but when Aquarians born around midnight channel their energy in positive directions, they’re [...]

Capricorn Sun Scorpio Rising


This might be the most reserved and mysterious sun sign/rising sign combination in the zodiac. These people are exceedingly tight-lipped and often “all-knowing.” And there’s a hell-bent fearlessness in these “take it on the chin” Capricorns that equips them to handle unreasonably demanding jobs that others avoid. You can find them doing a remarkable job [...]

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Rising


A Sagittarius ego fueled by Scorpio’s grab-the-handle, get-up-and-go gusto is fully stoked! These folks are a full-throttle blast—if you can keep up! There’s never any time to waste: An endless list of things to do, places to go, and people to see keeps them hopping. And if they’ve Sagittarius’ good judgment and Scorpio’s insight, their [...]

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising


Double Scorpios function best when they’re left alone to do things their own way. And that works, because no one can keep up with them anyway. Plus, they’re intensely self-motivated, mostly because their guilt level soars if they don’t do the best job possible. So there’s really no need to supervise them. The sorts of [...]

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