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Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising


Here come the peacemakers with an insightful solution! With their delicate gentility, Scorpios with Pisces rising are really not good at confrontation or intense exchanges. And they really don’t need to be; their shrewd eye for circumventing hostilities works every time, and they’ll be long gone before the trouble starts. They know instinctively that contention [...]

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising


Tightly wound, big attitude Aquarius coupled with Scorpio’s suspicious, investigative nature makes for interesting and alert people with an electric light bulb intuition. They’ve an eye in the back of their head. Because they’re always on edge, convinced that “the crap is gonna hit the fan,” they’re prepared for any emergency. It’s Aquarius’ electronic vigilance [...]

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising


The by-the-book, “trust the system, it works” Capricorn personality brings a respectfulness to the Scorpio ego that allows these Scorpios to toe the line a lot better than most. Even drudgery, something most Scorpios don’t easily endure, might be tolerable in this combination—as long as there’s a “business is business” reward at the end of [...]

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising


Here comes insightful Scorpio, with a bevy of winning ways and maybe some dancing girls to boot! They’ve a celebrative disposition that sparks enthusiasm and has everyone following merrily along with wild anticipation. It’s an easy flow for these people to accentuate the positive, so Scorpios with sweet, optimistic Sagittarius rising can be Scorpio-powerful in [...]

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising


Double Scorpios function best when they’re left alone to do things their own way. And that works, because no one can keep up with them anyway. Plus, they’re intensely self-motivated, mostly because their guilt level soars if they don’t do the best job possible. So there’s really no need to supervise them. The sorts of [...]

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