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Pisces Shadow


You might know, of course, that nothing is all light. With all those beautiful aspirations and longings for purity, devotion and goodness, mercy, compassion and self-sacrifice, there’s bound to be a pretty big wallop of a shadow downstairs. It’s always like that, of course. And the basic law of life – that everything comes in [...]

Aquarius Shadow


As you might expect, the dark face of Aquarius, the secret side which he often can’t face, springs from his complete dedication in ordinary life to his ethical codes. Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centred; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is [...]

Capricorn Shadow


The shadow side of any zodiacal sign is connected with the parts of personality which the individual can’t recognize and can’t express. And you might expect that with all Capricorn’s realism and earthy wisdom and emphasis on the mundane and the practical, all those repressed emotions and dreams and fantasies have to go somewhere. After [...]

Sagittarius Shadow


Sagittarius, too, has his dark side. There are a couple of typical manifestations of it. One of them we might call the Groupie. The scenario goes something like this: FRIEND TO SAGITTARIAN: I hear you’ve been away on holiday. Did you go anywhere interesting? SAGITTARIUS: Oh, Cannes, naturally, I just had to be there while [...]

Scorpio Shadow


What can we say about the dark side of Scorpio, when he is already so well acquainted with his own darkness? This is a water sign: full of feeling, subjective in approaching life and people. Scorpio has the courage to face all manner of things, but this usually lie on the emotional plane. What he [...]

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