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Moon Sun in Medical Astrology

Moon Hars Aspect/Conjunct Sun A deficiency of Vitamin B2 and/or Potassium, or those minerals and vitamins ruled by the Sun, is possible with this aspect. There can be an imbalance between your vitality, energy and enthusiasm on the one hand, and your inner capacity to cope with all that is going on in your external [...]

Sun in Medical Astrology

The Sun plays a vital role in matters of health. The Sun governs physical stamina and vitality. We get Vitamin D directly from the Sun, and a lack of exposure to sunshine can lead to a host of illnesses including seasonal depression, especially for those who live in extreme latitudes. The Sun sign will often [...]

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising


These people are unassuming, and they aim to please—but they’re a tad secretive. Peaceful Pisces’ “don’t rock the boat” mentality has an interesting effect on chatty Gemini. The non-combative, unassuming qualities of Pisces the cosmic traveler blend pretty well with Gemini’s sincerity. These Geminians avoid disagreement and disapproval at all costs; they keep their mouth [...]

Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising


Here we have a friendly and humorous conversationalist. Aquarius’ magnetism is a good complement to Gemini’s quick-mindedness. So with a good attitude, these people are informative and willing to share what they know—often with a hilarious delivery. The alert awareness of Aquarius rising gives depth and enlightenment to Gemini’s sometimes superficial understanding. And these Geminians [...]

Gemini Sun Capricorn Rising


There’s much more orderliness here than with other Geminians. This is a responsible personality coupled with a quick and efficient ego. So “do what’s expected, plus!” is the name of the game. As children, these people act older than their years, taking a serious approach to most things and happy to be helpful. They’re in [...]

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