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Pisces Symbolism


Pisces has been called the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac, and well it merits this appellation, for it embodies a great esoteric principle. The emblem of the twelfth sign is composed of two semicircles united by a straight line. One of these arcs represents the finite consciousness of Man; the other, the infinite consciousness [...]

Aquarius Symbolism


The emblem of the eleventh sign is simple. It represents waves and was the Egyptian hieroglyphic for water. With all the obvious references to liquid (” Aquarius” itself is derived from the Latin aqua = water), how is it that the Water-Bearer is an airy sign? In order to answer this question, we have to [...]

Capricorn Symbolism


Capricorn is represented by two variations of the same animal: the Mountain-Goat and the Sea-Goat. Its glyph is more symbolic of the Sea-Goat. The top of the glyph represents the horns and head of the animal, while the curvature of the lower half of the figure can be seen as the curving, scaly fishtail. Capricorn [...]

Sagittarius Symbolism


The Archer is a fiery-mutable sign and is thus a fount of tremendous activity. It is represented by the immortal Centaur, and individuals born under its rays are endowed with the creative, higher mental attributes of Man as well as the physical power of the horse to carry out and build upon Man’s’ ideas. The [...]

Scorpio Symbolism


Scorpio is a sign veiled in mystery. Concealed within its nature are the great secrets of sex, death, and rebirth. It has been called the “accursed sign” by individuals who have no idea of the deeper meanings behind the functions associated with it. These are the people who abuse sex, fear death, and deny their [...]

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