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Pisces Sun Taurus Rising


Sturdy Taurus’ steady-as-you-go practicality and good taste are a fine complement to delicate Pisces’ idealism. Taurus, the Banker, brings quality, focus, and determination to Pisceans’ wondrous ways. Plus, their mid-morning birth gives these folks a vision for tomorrow, so with Pisces’ vivid imagination and Taurus’ focus there’s an ability to set goals and accomplish them. [...]

Aquarius Sun Taurus Rising


A good attitude is always important with a serious Taurus, the Banker, personality. These people have staying power second to none, but they’re awfully intense. They just take themselves and life too seriously. But they’re affectionate, with a warm touch, and they usually show personal concern for others. They like to make people comfortable and [...]

Capricorn Sun Taurus Rising


These people are a composite of the practical businesswoman and the common sense banker who sagaciously knows where to put his money. And that’s always a powerful combination for success! They build things that last! If it’s functionally practical and potentially profitable, these people are front and center, giving coherent explanations and clear directions. Even [...]

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Rising


Here’s the winning “We’ll do better next time” attitude of Sagittarius with some sensible “stop, look, and listen.” Taurus, the Banker’s, patience is a good complement to impetuous Sagittarius, while Sagittarius’ “tomorrow’s another day” attitude brings an invigorating optimism to Taurus’ stick-in-the-mud pouty face. The Taurus personality becomes less intense, and Sagittarius becomes more down-to-earth. [...]

Scorpio Sun Taurus Rising


This is an obliging dinnertime birth with focus, determination, and a very definite purpose. Scorpios with Taurus rising know how to stand their ground without budging while considering everyone else’s position. Now that’s a trick! And, with undying persistence, they usually get what they want. So they tend to be the kind of people whom [...]

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