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Virgo Horoscope 2016


This will be a year of much study or mental work. You take your studies seriously and knowledge is probably crucial to what you hope to accomplish in the future. This is an excellent time to concentrate on difficult mental tasks or complex topics of interest. You can be involved in a major project or [...]

Gemini Sun Virgo Rising


These are the busiest minds on the planet. These people are world-class analyzers with an insatiable curiosity. When Virgo’s natural helpfulness and productivity combine with Gemini’s Mr. Nice Guy approach, an extremely modest and well-intended person is likely to emerge. Their helpfulness is second to none. Both Virgo and Gemini hold intelligence in the highest [...]

Taurus Sun Virgo Rising


These are unassuming, cooperative people with a youthful appearance and a good eye for style and quality in people and things. And they’re masters at efficiency and precision. Their Taurus “cut the bull” teams up with Virgo’s keen eye for functionality, equipping them to get things done lickety-split. Both Taurus and Virgo are “earth” signs, [...]

Aries Sun Virgo Rising


When helpful, productive, intelligent Virgo teams up with take-the-initiative Aries, a great troubleshooter emerges. These quick-minded, clever “Johnny-on-the-spot” types track down problems and put out fires, with little to no spirit of self-importance-unless you question their intelligence! They’re extremely competent if anything needs to be counted, sorted, or stored in an expedient and orderly fashion. [...]

Horoscope Neptune in Virgo


This position of Neptune brought the depression and the beginnings of a New Age. Those born under it will come to maturity with a new slant on social and political matters, a new assurance of the dignity of work, a new consecration to humanity and to service. Your deepest wells of consciousness understand these things, [...]

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