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Pisces Sun Virgo Rising


For a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, these gentle hearts are the people to call. But there’s a firm lesson in life for these kindly Pisceans born around sundown. They’re so prone to the universal love principle of Pisces that they often sell themselves down the river, ending up with less than [...]

Aquarius Sun Virgo Rising


An intelligent, friendly person with an unassuming and helpful personality—what a joy! These people are always willing to consider the other person’s position, and they usually come back with the most original and enlightened ideas for their consideration. Aquarians with Virgo rising busy themselves with whatever’s begging for improvement, be it a misunderstanding, a squeaky [...]

Capricorn Sun Virgo Rising


When it’s time for Plan B, call in Capricorn with Virgo rising! These people are understated and conservative, but their shrewd, analytical, and calculating approach always figures a way to play the angles, solve the problems, and get the job done. The unassuming Virgo personality pays close attention to the details, and, with objectivity, the [...]

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Rising


Now here are some low-key, “Oh, something’s on my mind” Sagittarians. Or did you not know they exist? A modest, helpful Virgo personality is a good complement to a sweet, optimistic, forgiving—but sometimes high-handed-Sagittarius ego. One reason is that Virgo’s modesty tempers Sagittarians’ easily inflated opinion of themselves. These Sagittarians are usually held in high [...]

Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising


Scorpios with Virgo rising are often very stylish creatures with a relatively youthful appearance, but there’s always more to them than meets the eye. Beneath the exterior, their minds are always at work, analyzing, investigating, and discerning. When they blend their intuition and sensitivity with their intelligent understanding, their judgment is superb, and they end [...]

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