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Pisces Woman


Many paeans have been written to the Pisces woman, for her mystery, her gentleness, her compassion, her elusive charm, her pregnant silences. And she may be, indeed, the archetypal feminine. The lovely, gracious princess of the fairy-tale castle, waiting for the suitor to rescue her and cherish and protect her, is modeled on Pisces. The [...]

Aquarius Woman


There are two types of Aquarian women. Both share all the basic Aquarian qualities of strength, independence, original thought. One type turns the immense self-discipline and dedication of the sign into a purely personal sphere. The other goes out into the world, to try her muscle in society. Either way, this is no helpless, malleable [...]

Capricorn Woman


It may be hard to imagine a woman who embodies the principle of the Father. But in fact it doesn’t make Capricorn women masculine. If anything, they often have a quality of femininity which epitomizes the fantasies of many men. Take, for example, Marlene Dietrich. Masculine? Well, not in any sense we understand the word. [...]

Sagittarius Woman


There are women adventurers, too. Not all explorers, mountain-climbers, and world travelers are male Sagittarius. And the true female archer is as restless, as hungry for experience, as longing to explore the fascinating carnival that she sees in life as her male counterpart. This woman needs personal freedom to an extraordinary degree, and she’s not [...]

Scorpio Woman


There are two keywords you should remember about the Scorpio woman: depth – meaning that hers is a subtle, complex, and never obvious temperament, and will – meaning that this woman is not about to bow her head to anyone or anything, unless it’s temporarily necessary to achieve an end. You might also keep in [...]

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