Uranus Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

or Uranus in 1st House

You are highly-strung and often run on nervous energy. You can be restless and accident-prone. The pace at which you function may be a lot faster than most others. Your tendency to rush through things could be the result of the fact that you find no joy in certain activities and you want them over and done with as quickly as possible. This is why you can be accident-prone. You also tend to be very focussed on future possibilities, much more so than on current events. With your attention on long-range options, you can be unaware of things right in front of you. Actually, you are a highly creative and original person and probably very intelligent. There is something of the “mad scientist” about you. Your erratic energy can at times make you run about doing several things at once and lead to a scattering of your energy, so that you find you have nothing left in the tank. Try to balance your highly animated mental energy with yoga or another physical discipline that will calm your overactive mind and nervous system. High blood pressure and a range of stress related disorders are possible if you allow yourself to remain ungrounded for long periods. It is important to balance your equilibrium by learning to relax. You are very independent and it is important for you to express your creativity. If you are thwarted in being able to do so, you are likely to react with sudden flare-ups or extreme reactions when you are feeling stressed. Stress usually occurs because you are feeling under pressure to conform to others’ expectations. Try to spend more of your time doing the things that you enjoy, and if that is not immediately possible then try to take pleasure in mental diversions that relieve your immediate stress. You may need to learn to slow down, especially when you are ill. Resting does not just mean resting in a physical sense, but also switch off your mind and give your nervous system an opportunity to recover. Try to eat regular meals and don’t overdo things. When you are feeling scattered, try to make time for an activity that grounds you, such as gardening.

Wearing the gemstone Fluorite can be highly beneficial for you when you are under stress and need to be more organised.

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