Uranus Hard 6th in Medical Astrology

You are a risk-taker and enjoy doing new things. This enthusiasm for change and new experiences provides you with the excitement you seek, an escape from the ordinariness of the every day routine, however it can lead you to take unnecessary risks that can lead to accidents. Accidents are more likely to take place when you rush without considering what you are actually doing. You are somewhat highly strung and can experience tension and problems associated with the nervous system when you are feeling under stress. It is likely that your tendency to rush is exacerbated by certain activities and your lack of enjoyment in them. For example, you may rush through things to get them out of the way quickly so you don’t have to think about how unhappy you are doing them. You have a quick way of doing things and can also become frustrated by any delays you encounter in day-to-day living and work. It is probably important that you develop a creative outlet, for you are probably suited to work that involves a large degree of creative energy, independence and autonomy on your part. Self-employment may be the answer, provided you can develop the necessary discipline. Manage your stress by using essential oils Bergamot, Cedarwood, Geranium, Lavender and Lemongrass.

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