Uranus Hard Ascendant in Medical Astrology

Ruler of Ascendant Hard Uranus
Ruler of Ascendant Conjunct Uranus

Being able to express yourself creatively is one of your most pressing needs. Finding an outlet for your particular talents is important for your sense of wellbeing, however you may find it difficult to find a vehicle or method to facilitate this expression. It is important that you honour your unique individuality and express yourself without fear. You are perhaps a rather eccentric person who may be misunderstood, or you may have trouble fitting in. Your interests, for example, could be unusual and your manner of expression can be difficult for people to understand. You tend to manage well on your own and your unique individuality is something of which you are proud, but you still need to find a way to interact with the wider world.

Stress can deplete your body of vitamins and minerals and can also result in a variety of nervous disorders. Conditions such as epilepsy, circulation problems, anxiety, or mental illnesses are possible. You could also experience some rare or unusual health conditions. At times you may feel isolated or misunderstood, and this can lead to feelings of depression.

It is important for you to express your individuality and creativity perhaps by developing more interaction with like-minded people. While it is necessary for you to recognise your uniqueness and to find your special niche in life, it is also important not to isolate yourself too much from others.

Learning yoga or Tai Chi could be highly beneficial for you, as these practises facilitate and enhance the natural flow of energy within your body and externally in your environment.

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