Uranus in the 6th House in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Uranus

You may be prone to unusual health conditions as well as circulatory disorders, or nervous conditions. You are somewhat highly strung and need to learn to relax. Day-to-day stress, especially in the workplace, perhaps underlies these problems. This is especially true if you have no creative outlet, or you are doing a job that you have to do, rather than one in which you take enjoyment. For this reason it is important that you spend time doing other things that you do enjoy, away from work. Meanwhile, seek a future occupation that fulfils your unique aptitudes and talents. Failing to address this issue over a long period of time, pushing yourself into a work situation where you do not fit, will result in creating more stress and can lead to a mental or emotional breakdown. It is probably better for you to chop and change jobs, at least from an inner wellbeing point of view, if you are feeling this kind of stress. If you are in a position that you find stressful, but cannot change it in the short term, develop a longer-term view, but spend your free time in hobbies or activities that interest you. You may be prone to accidents, especially workplace accidents, so ensure you take care and do not rush through your duties in order to get them done quickly, so you can escape. Seek and find your special niche. You could develop cardio-vascular problems that are a result of prolonged stress, so it is important that you also learn to relax and laugh more.

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