Venus Hard 6th in Medical Astrology

You are likely to be gifted in the arts and may be involved in a creative occupation. In much of what you do in your daily life, including your work, you have particular values and standards. Others may not share your priorities, which you can find difficult to tolerate. In your life, you desire to work and interact harmoniously with others, but you can feel frustrated when colleagues do not see things as you do. This can make you withdraw from people or become judgemental towards them. Inner tension can build, resulting in metabolic problems, throat infections, neck and jaw tension, skin problems and a range of other stress related conditions. Sometimes you struggle to reconcile your external persona and relationships with your inner values. When you feel stressed, try soaking in a bath with a blend of essential oils; Bergamot, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood which will assist in lifting despondent moods.

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