Venus Hard Ascendant in Medical Astrology

Ruler of Ascendant Hard Venus
Ruler of Ascendant Conjunct Venus

You strive to develop close intimate relationships. Despite any setbacks you encounter in your dealings with people, you are still determined to find and establish supportive ties. You will make every effort to work at your personal relationships. However, as your values are important to you, you may be unwilling to compromise those priorities and values that are closest to your heart, just so a relationship can work. Once you establish your priorities, you stick to them, and you can sometimes be judgemental of those who see things differently. You may need to recognise your inner worth and that others’ values have equal merit.

When things get out of balance in your life you can experience a range of conditions such as possible sugar problems, thyroid conditions, kidney problems, potential Vitamin E deficiency, eating disorders, weight gain/loss, or issues involving self-esteem. A lack of B3 can result in skin problems such as dermatitis and even mental disturbances. Ensure you get plenty of Vitamin B and E in your diet, which will assist during times of stress. You are probably highly creative and may possess artistic skills. Using these talents on a regular basis will be healing to your soul and fulfilling in other ways as well.

Finding a way to express yourself in accordance with your true values, while at the same time maintaining supportive and harmonious relationships, is one of your main challenges. Wearing Rose Quartz can assist in enhancing feelings of unconditional love, both giving and receiving.

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