Venus Sun in Medical Astrology

Venus Hard/Conjunct Sun

Sugar metabolism can be compromised when too much sugar and refined carbohydrates are consumed, therefore to avoid potential diabetes or pancreatic disorders, hypoglycaemia and other problems, the intake of sugar and processed food should be kept to a minimum. You may have a sweet tooth and you could be intolerant to wheat. Thyroid conditions, kidney problems, eating disorders, weight gain/loss, and issues involving poor self-esteem can develop as a result of stress build-up. A lack of B3 can result in skin problems such as dermatitis and even mental disturbances. Many of these conditions can be corrected by eating nutritious food, forging positive and supportive relationships and honouring your own values. The mineral copper and Vitamin E can be of enormous benefit to your system. You are most likely highly creative or artistic and should try to engage in these activities on a regular basis. In addition, try to ensure that your diet includes plenty of vitamins, especially B and E.

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