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Virgo Sun Libra Rising

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Everything depends on relationships with these people. They’re so motivated to share and belong that they seldom consider what they’re getting in return for their heartfelt help. So fair and considerate partners are key! Compatible partners give them extreme comfort and much easier lives, but incompatible commitments will bring them to their knees. They need a good sense of self, and sometimes they just don’t have it. They may be the most loving partners on the block, but it’s easy for people to give them less than their fair share because they often border on the obsequious in their dealings. They’re the servile hostesses who never get to talk with their guests because they’re too busy catering to everyone. Being sociable, obliging, and genuinely likable, they start out trying to please everyone and usually end up doing a bang-up job. They’re well aware of the warm feeling that comes from being of help to someone: They love to acknowledge, encourage, and compliment people. With a little backbone, modest Virgoans wear the Likable Libra personality extremely well, resulting in delightfully pleasant friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Diplomacy comes naturally because they’re so empathic and aware of the people around them. (On the downside, Libra is the meddler!) They’re the sorts of doctors or nurses who are well-known for their personalized care; prison guards who never abuse their authority; corporate tax professionals who are just as at ease with human beings as they are with numbers and expense accounts. Libra creates “people who need people,” but there’s always that delicate and sometimes subservient quality about Virgoans that makes it easy to be taken advantage of. These Virgoans need to be well-connected with people who treat them graciously and repay their help and consideration with gratitude and respect. They’re uncomfortable asking for things, and, truth be known, they shouldn’t have to ask for a well-earned “thank you.” People who are too proud to say “please” and “thank you” need to be avoided, if at all possible.


Read more in the Book The Secrets of Your Rising Sign: The Astrological Key to Getting What You Want by William Lamb, Webb Harris Jr

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Pat 30-03-2014, 22:55

Wow! its like someone read my story. This is so true and I have spent my life being there for others with little in return. Hence the reason I am single. I learned a very valuable lesson in my last relationship. I got used so badly. I went through a period of isolation from others and, as they say, “have grown a spine.”
I no longer hold back on how I feel and if someone asks me out and I am not interested, i make no excuses, I simply state that I am not interested but thank you. It is all I am obligated to say. I have learned to deal with others in the same way. I say what I have to say and then move on. There is no edge of saying the wrong thing. It is what it is and I am who I am. No explanation needed. More virgos’ need to learn this lesson earlier in life and save some heartache for themselves. Sign me: I like who I have become!

Lydia 13-07-2014, 08:59

This is me, totally me! Excellent analysis :)

-from Lydia
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

sandra 24-08-2014, 00:12

thanks, the description describes me perfectly!


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