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‘The only way out is in’, Aries. Find some peace within yourself by taking the time to sit with your feels without the pressure to do anything. It’s OK to be where you’re at, even if where you’re at is jumpy and uncertain. Things are moving quickly for you as Uranus retrogrades back into your sign, and Jupiter moves into Sagittarius early this month. Change is in the air, and you don’t need to know where it’s going to take you in order to trust that you’re in the right place.
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On November 6, the moon conjoins Venus and people will want to be friendlier. Enjoy the bright vibes. The next day’s new moon brings you a cosmic infusion of love. It might be a fresh, new romantic interest already near and dear to your heart. You might have trouble not overreacting, but a big reaction might be appropriate.

On the ninth, the Venus-Mars trine makes it reasier to love. Venus finally goes direct on November 16 as Mercury goes retrograde. A relationship may thaw, but take your time anyway.

The full moon on November 22 could channel a financial opportunity or bring you a material windfall from a totally unexpected source. If you network more widely, more people will get interested in what you’re doing and want to share or offer resources without you needing to ask.
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Take good care of yourself and don’t get too carried away during the new moon on November 7. There’s always more to do than there’s time for. Pace yourself and focus. What you accomplish now will not need to be done again.

On the ninth, the moon conjoins Mercury. Think long and deeply about something important. Mercury turns retrograde on November 16, just after Venus turns direct. Don’t be in a hurry to speak before thinking, especially about love.

For the full moon on the twenty-second, see elements of yourself in your partner. Be more generous. You’ll be amazed by how much goodwill and affection come back to you. Now go out and be more ambitious together.

Mercury squares Mars on November 26. Analyze, but don’t get too critical of yourself. The next day, the sun and then Jupiter conjoin Mercury. Instincts and first impressions could be more useful now.

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Your gut instincts are reliable, but they’re not all you need. Things are moving quickly this month, and it’s time for you to tighten up your strategies, Moonchild. If you can identify what you need and where your limits lie, outside of any immediate situation, you’ll be better equipped to respond with grace. You’re likely to have to negotiate your place in an interpersonal dynamic this month; don’t abandon any part of yourself in your quest for happiness, dearest one.
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Family and home life look great with the new moon on the seventh. Warm your heart with a major change – or a minor change that gives you major satisfaction, totally practical and utilitarian with nothing cosmetic about it.

On November 16, Venus finally goes direct as Mercury goes retrograde. Harsh feelings may soften, but it’s probably too soon for softer words that won’t be misunderstood.

During the full moon on the twenty-second, a lot of wonderful things may call you, but the strongest urge might be to get away from it all, go out, and be with people. That can be valuable, too, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get much done. You can do that later. The sun enters Sagittarius today, too. The social urge is strong.
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You’re meant to expand beyond the blocks that have kept you in place, especially the self-imposed ones, Virgo. Mars moves into your relationship house on the 15th, just in time for your ruling planet, mercury, to go retrograde. Be willing to look at the role of passion and ego in your connections so that you can transform whatever needs to change. The Full Moon on the 22nd will help you with that, as circumstances will push you to bend or break open.
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On the ninth, Venus trines Mars and love might get easier to feel, but it won’t be easier to share or express. On November 16, Venus finally turns direct shortly before Mercury turns retrograde. Speak carefully, if at all. It might be a good day to simply listen.

When the full moon arrives on November 22, your mind could bounce off a few walls, but try to limit knee-jerk reactions. Let your interest and curiosity roam free and see what new things you can discover and learn. Any unsettled feelings will be short-lived, and you might just pick up a new passion or intellectual interest.

Venus opposes Uranus on the thirtieth. A surprising love interest might not get a warm reception at first.
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This month’s New Moon in your sign on the 7th is likely to trigger some pretty strong feels, but its nothing to fear, Scorpio. It will be a powerful time for healing; let go of the stuff that’s holding you back, especially in your attitudes and your self-talk. You deserve happiness! Start by seeking balance in how you approach your feelings; ask for help if you need it, embrace life-affirming actions, and take the time you need to care for your tender heart.
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You could realize that a great insight has come your way. The next day, Jupiter enters Sagittarius. It might take extra effort to pace yourself and not get carried away. Be generous, within reason.

On the sixteenth, Venus goes direct as Mercury goes retrograde. Give yourself more time before speaking or acting, especially about love.

Love is all that matters on the November 22 full moon. Follow your heart, but not too far. What you feel now may be intense, but it might not last for long. A true partner will understand and want to share whatever is good for you. The sun enters Sagittarius today, too. Social life could pick up dramatically.
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FOMO will take you for a long walk on a short pier this month, if you let it. Your value, happiness, and success are not reliant on any one person or situation. What other people have has nothing to do with you. Your path is your own, and is the only thing that you need to be focusing on in order to get where you want to go. Align yourself with your agency, and remember that no one person or dynamic can determine your worth; only you get to do that, dearest Capricorn.

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Get more adventurous – again – in a subdued way. The new moon the next day lets you be the hero or go-to person at work or in a social setting. Tidy up a sticky situation, make it look easy, and get a lot of credit from a lot of people.

On the sixteenth, Venus goes direct shortly before Mercury goes retrograde. Feel more comfortable about a romantic relationship while not needing to be outspoken about your feelings. The moon-Uranus conjunction on November 20 lets you feel spunkier for a while.

Don’t fret if the full moon on the twenty-second knocks you sideways. Even you can be indecisive at times. Do what appeals to you and pleases your heart. If it’s going out and mingling with others, feel free. There are people with energy and ideas out there. Just observe, if it feels right to do that.
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It’s time to be brave and act with intention, Pisces. You are meant to have an ego, the best case scenario is that it’s healthy and well adjusted, but that can only happen if you’re willing to sit with the inevitable messiness of it. Mars enters your sign on the 15th, making ambition, boundaries, and passion a big theme for you. It may help to find movement-based outlets for your energy so that you can identify what you need, and the most effective ways of making it happen.
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