Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising

These are the best grinners and grippers in the zodiac! A friendly smile and a firm handshake puts them in good standing with the people they meet. But when it’s double Aquarius, attitude is doubly important! Aquarius’ friendly, electric, magnetic side has more potential with Aquarius rising than with any other rising sign—but it takes self-awareness. Aquarius’ funny-boned, good-fellow-well-met needs to always shine through.

Sometimes that comes easy, and sometimes it doesn’t. Aquarius’ natural alertness is hyper-alert in this combination. These people are born to handle emergencies and are always perched to “ready set, go!” on the edge of the seat, convinced that the crap is about to hit the fan. This constant vigilance is highly useful to Aquarians in the workplace, especially if their work is dangerous. Aquarians are often found in the armed forces or the fire station, the cockpit or the police cruiser. [..]

Double Aquarians have a wonderful ability to find common ground and express oodles of community spirit. They’re totally committed to the systems in which they work, and at home they view their neighbors as comrades in arms. They know inherently that “what I do to you, I do to me.” At their best, they’re entirely “all for one and one for all” and they’re strict adherents to the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” They’re also apt to be interested in technology and might work with computers; these folks are rarely strangers to the World Wide Web. A great many Electric Light Bulb Aquarians can be found in radio and television. And with Aquarius’ affinity for powered flight, careers with airlines or in the Air Force aren’t uncommon. But wherever they work and live, their keys to fulfillment are their level of serenity and their attitude. With a good, positive faith in life and a willingness to take a break now and then, success is always in the cards.

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