Aquarius Sun Aries Moon

You have a quick, aggressive mind, a keen sense of your own intellectual powers, and a sort of judicial attitude toward the rest of the world. This is one of the positions of a genuine superiority complex, and you have to look out that smugness and self-satisfaction do not make you unpopular. You have a detached intellectual interest in all manner of things, a broad, deep, and honest mind; but you need bolstering up on the emotional side. You tend to be cold, aloof, detached – at the same time that you are very eager to have people listen to you. You are sound; what you know is accurate, well thought out, and well put. But your great abilities will go unrewarded until you learn that you can’t be a walking mind.

You have a real need for people and for social activity; you probably come of a good family with a good heritage both of blood and brain, and doors are opened to you automatically that are closed to many. If you improve on your social opportunities by learning to be less arrogant, to appear less sure of yourself, to look once in a while as if you needed sympathy, you will find people warming up to you much more. Naturally these qualities get in the way of your expression of love, for though you are needful of affection, a certain awareness, rising from your mind processes, makes you appear less warmhearted than you really are, and your utter independence is not good for awakening the Gentler Passions.

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