Aquarius Sun Aries Rising

These friendly, electric Aquarians rarely need a jump-start! They’re plugged in and ready to go, showing up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, zipping through the workday, and expecting everyone else to keep up. When they’re in positions of authority, they don’t tolerate laggers and slackers. They keep the system rolling, the machine humming, and the workers hopping. But they’re not slave-drivers. They completely understand and are devoted to the team, and they pitch in just as much-and usually more—than anybody else. They might lack a “rest easy, all is well” serenity, but they’re not usually pushy or insensitive. They’ve the inherent Aries ability to earn trust with honesty and the Aquarian ability to make people feel like they’re part of the team. They love teamwork!


Long-term hopes and aspirations are paramount to Aquarians born mid-morning. They live in their tomorrows, always going through today with tomorrow in mind. As kids, they talk about what they’re going to be when they grow up, and as adults they remain extremely driven toward a distant destination sometimes decades down the road. Feeling that tomorrow’s more important than today, they’re often over-achievers and are great at inspiring others to look toward the future with anticipation and hope. But they need to remember that while it’s wise to plan ahead—who can forget the grasshopper and the ants?—it’s not always productive to completely sacrifice today’s rewards for a tomorrow that may never come. Implementing an agenda for the future makes sense, but it’s no sin to enjoy the present. And with the high energy of Action Aries rising and a funny-bone Aquarius good attitude, the present might be the most important time after all.

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