Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon

You are an ultra-social person, needful of companionship and very sensitive, both in your own feelings and perceptions and with regard to the feelings of others. You have an almost uncanny faculty for responding to other people, with the result that you are extremely popular. You probably have unusual hereditary endowments and position, but this doesn’t prevent you from endearing yourself to those in all walks of life. For there’s a touch of the true democrat here that all the sheltering in the world cannot down. Servants love you and you do much to deserve their love. In worldly matters this quality has a good commercial value; you are able to be yourself without equivocation and at the same time to make people like you and pay you well. Thus, whether you are in business, politics, or the arts, you appeal to a wide circle. You are tactful in speech and writing and able to calculate nicely the effect of what you say. Your impulses and intuitions bear the. stamp of practical good sense, although your ideas are likely to be visionary. You feel with far greater accuracy than you think; your creations have emotional rather than intellectual appeal. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t a good mind, for your mind is quick, facile, penetrating, with a touch of the inspirational; but it does mean that your emotions are capable of running away with your intellect and of leading you into paths that are not rationally defensible. You are a romantic, and no matter in what walk of life or occupation you may be found, a personal adventurous feeling underlies all that you say or do or think.

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