Aquarius Sun Cancer Rising

Here’s a cautious personality with a strong Aquarian ego. The emotional sensitivity of Cancer is likely to obscure a lot of the classic Aquarius qualities, so these might be people who don’t obviously resemble their Aquarius sun sign. There’s less contention and egotism here, and Cautious Cancer often leads these Aquarians away from the typically high-stress, flashing-lights-and-sirens, where’s-the-fire? vocations that might otherwise appeal to them. But they’re still big-time worker bees, even if they do exercise their nonstop diligence closer to home and hearth rather than at accident scenes or on aircraft carriers. Aquarians with Cancer rising are often very involved homemakers, but can just as often be found staffing real estate or insurance offices or running an establishment that requires a lot of face-to-face contact with customers. The friendly Aquarian ego works well with Cancer’s accommodating qualities. Lending institutions might also be a good fit. Just because Cancer is more apparent than Aquarius, it doesn’t mean we’re dealing with people who don’t leave the house.

Still, if there is too much shyness here, these Aquarians will benefit enormously from turning loose some of that friendly, magnetic, funny-bone Aquarius ego that’s always inside them. And, of course, their cagey Cancer sensibilities let them know just how and when to do that most effectively. If it’s their thin-skinned Cancer fear of rejection that stifles them, they need to remember how charming their closest friends and loved ones find them. Other people will feel the same way if they can catch a glimpse of their always-present magnetism. Aquarians born mid-afternoon are often very enlightened people, and they do the community a big favor when they speak up and spread a little illumination. This might not come easy sometimes, but it will bring them the popularity that Aquarius thrives on and a wonderful sense of fulfillment.
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