Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon

You are a romantic, and unless you translate this quality into an artistic career or overcome it entirely, your emotions will run away with you. Your idealism is strongly mixed with critical tendencies, and discontent arises through disappointment when people do not live up to the impossibly high romantic standards you set for them. You incline to jump into romances readily, with high motives and high enthusiasms, and when enthusiasm wanes, or the high motives are in any way doubted, you jump out again. You are a great self-dramatist; nothing that happens to you loses any fat when you tell about it. Your sweetheart is always the most wonderful in the world – and after he (she) has gone away, you still cling to the ideal, trying to justify yourself both in loving her (him) and in leaving (her) him. You believe in the sadness that goes with true love – in fact, you seem more convinced that it’s bound to be sad than that it’s bound to be happy, with the result that you frequently see to it single-handed that it is sad. Intellectually, you are quick, apt, intuitive, inclining to skim the surface of many and varied things. In business or occupation this is a decided handicap. You tire rapidly, and if you don’t get all the breaks, drift from job to job, as you do from sweetheart to sweetheart. This is a somewhat better position for a woman than for a man, for the romantic note is not so destructive in practical ways, in a woman. But in a man it makes for considerable instability, a lack of decisiveness, and a sort of helplessness before the world that seems unjust in the face of idealism. Learn to pin yourself down to reality, to cope with the world as it is – especially, learn to stick.

Overcome a tendency to drift, both in emotional, intellectual, and business matters; put your personality constructively to work in the world – it is a social asset and can be made into a business asset as well when you decide what you are after.

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