Aquarius Sun Gemini Rising

If these quick-minded, chatty-faced Aquarians emphasize the “best foot forward,” funny-bone side of their Aquarius ego, they’ll entertain and fascinate people with cordial conversation and be adored and appreciated. “Gee, I kinda like that guy” never worked out better than it does with congenial, interesting Gemini rising. The stiffness of Aquarius benefits tremendously from a flexible Jitterbug Gemini personality. Remember: Gemini’s the “icing on the cake” of the zodiac. Not only are these folks typical Aquarius team-players, but they’re highly effective multi-taskers to boot, juggling three or four duties without ever dropping the ball. Their versatility enables them to do almost anything, but they often find special success and satisfaction in teaching posts or a dispatcher’s seat, where they can inform and direct people with their glib silver tongues. Navigating familiar city streets, delivering newspapers, packages, or the daily mail might also be dream jobs. They love to share information!

And as usual with Gemini, there’s a tendency to talk, talk, talk. These Aquarians hatch new ideas by the hour and are compelled to share them. So with a sense of humor and a good attitude, they make their point and prove their case with amazing congeniality. But if that stiff-spined, contentious Aquarius side shows itself, they ramble on endlessly about whatever opinion is on their mind or argue insatiably over trivial matters. A tendency to argue simply for argument’s sake is a taxing trait when it’s wielded by someone who never shuts up. And if a bad attitude doesn’t manifest itself through specific words, it still shows up in things like body language, facial expressions, and the tone of voice. If these Aquarians find themselves constantly on the defensive, hearing themselves say “I didn’t say anything!” they need to realize that when their attitude is on display like a neon sign they don’t need to say anything to be offensive. That’s why a good attitude is always their ticket to a bevy of friends and an interesting life full of conversational enjoyment.

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