Aquarius Sun Leo Moon

Your intellect and your emotions have a constant struggle for the center of the stage, for, although you are a strongly mental type, your imagination is so active that it can interfere with your logical processes. In the realm of pure thought you tend to wander from the scientific to the speculative; while in dealing with people your ardent and expansive nature is capable of being fooled by anyone who, in some way or other, makes an appeal to your need for affection or who seems to need affection himself. Since you are warm-hearted, idealistic, and romantic, you throw a sort of glamour around people, taking them to your heart and finding excuses for doing so even after they have proved themselves unworthy. You are proud, independent, and self-reliant, and you don’t like to have your original good opinion of people upset. Thus you are capable of making the best of a bad bargain in friendship or in love for a long time. But if your pride is ever hurt by the person directly, you can break and run – and never come back. You have strong artistic leanings and a powerful creative flair.

You are persistent, once you have pinned yourself down to reality.

You must pin yourself strictly down to the realities of your life for your highest development and greatest happiness.

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