Aquarius Sun Libra Moon

You are highly social-minded, romantic in the extreme, and will have your share of the ups and downs of love. You are constantly being disappointed by the duplicity, the infidelity, the faithlessness, and the fickleness in those you love. You are able to give your affections to the most outlandish people and to be surprised when you aren’t able to hold them. On the other hand, they may have a hard time holding you, for you are an elusive creature, liking what you like when you like it and tending to tire of it rather quickly. You hold the illusion that you are fidelity itself, but, at the drop of a hat, you can find a reason why you shouldn’t be faithful. You are well able to understand the sentimentality of “I have been true to you, Cynara, in my fashion.” Your fashion may indeed be a strange one. But you are a person of considerable charm, magnetism, personality, and fundamental sincerity, and when you get your emotional life settled – marriage is a real necessity to you! – you are a most charming, constructive person. You understand people and, knowing well the foibles of humanity, you are tolerant and sympathetic; an ideal confidant. You will succeed best in some artistic or professional career where your idealism and expressiveness has full sway; or in business, for you are a good salesman, persuasive and forceful without being objectionable. You know how to sell your product along with yourself, and vice versa. You lack persistence, and if you can’t put things over in one fell swoop, you are likely to lose interest.

The development of the aesthetic side of your nature, either on the critical, appreciative, or creative side, will do much to stabilize your purposes and give you a goal that is compatible with your highly idealistic bent.

Grant Lewi

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