Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising

These gentle-hearted Aquarians are whimsically serene—and sometimes exotic!—on the outside, but they might be nervous wrecks deep down. Still, with the most silently shrewd and gentle personality of all teamed up with the electric funny-bone, they sometimes earn wealth and fame. There’s an alluring magnetism here and possibly a photogenic quality that adds to the appeal and popularity of these somewhat delicate and more peaceful Aquarians. A Peaceful Pisces rising sign cancels out some of the stressed-out tendencies that accompany Aquarius. Regular meditation might suit them wonderfully. And remember: Pisces rising always makes for people who think better with their shoes off. They literally let go of stress through their feet.

The delicate quality of Pisces is usually quite obvious in these people and sometimes dominates the impression they leave, but with an Aquarius ego there are also sudden and surprising spurts of assertiveness. There can even be some of the stiff-spined argumentativeness, though it’s more common in other Aquarians. A Pisces personality makes them better listeners. They blend their watery Pisces emotions with their suddenly intuitive Aquarius awareness to come up with the most original and enlightened solutions. And they understand innately that the peaceful way is the most productive and easiest. But they do have their opinions and they will stand their ground; they know what they think and usually can’t be accused of being wishy-washy. The key to whether their Big Attitude Aquarius causes problems or difficulties is self-awareness. If they’ll focus on the way they’re being received the way photographers zero in on their subjects, they’ll be able to keep the negative traits in check and enjoy their popularity!

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