Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Moon

Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. You are an intellectual and, as your life has gone on, you have become able to focus your emotional and passional nature in intellectual concepts, and to approach the philosophic ideal of objectivity. This was not all the case in the beginning of your life, when emotions ran very high and strong and threatened to gallop away with the whole personality. You have qualities of uncompromising intellectual honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. Your tendency to wide interests can make you a visionary and impractical dilettante.

Independence, courage, and efficiency give you a fine foundation for success.

You are an executive by nature and will not stay long in a subordinate position, rising by industry, honesty, intelligence, and a strict regard for duty. You may be a little outspoken and a high spirited and righteous independence must be curbed and brought in line with the world as it is. You are never likely to learn to compromise with truth and honor, but you should learn to compromise with people. There is a tendency to arts and letters here, a love for the beautiful in all things, with a touch of the Keatsian thesis that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” and a feeling that “Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare.” Line, design, logic, and reason are your concepts of beauty, rather than the more sensual beauty of the ultra-romantic. Emotionally, this is a romantic position, inclining to produce several intense and idealistic love affairs and showing the likelihood of more than one marriage. There’s great personal magnetism, which lasts till late in life – you seem to have drunk from the fountain of youth, for the continuous freshness of your outlook keeps you young for a surprisingly long time. Thus, through traits of personality and character and through help from influential friends, you are likely to have what is known as luck in life.

Grant Lewi

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