Aquarius Sun Sagittarius Rising

Friendly, electric, “Gee, I kinda like that guy” Aquarius coupled with the winner of the zodiac? There’s so much positive energy here it’s almost unfair! Magnetic Aquarians never looked better than they do with a winning smile and an encouraging word. These people set a great example for those less fortunate or those with less faith in life. There’s a wonderful compassion here, and usually a forgiving attitude and forward-looking vision that benefits everyone. And they’re naturally better at “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” than any other sun sign/rising sign combination. Sure, with Big Attitude Aquarius there’s always the danger of argumentativeness and unreasonable opinions, but with a Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius personality the likelihood of negative attitudes is practically nil. There’s so much delightful enthusiasm, and such a love of the outdoors and the community, that they might show up as the neighborhood Good Humor man. Sagittarius loves sweet things, and ice cream will do just fine.

These Aquarians are usually well-connected, well-read, in-the-know, and very popular. Persuasive and inspiring, they make superb salespeople, and as politicians they’re known for their genuine concern for their community and constituents. They come up with brilliantly original ideas and are adept at selling them on the basis of how they’ll brighten everyone’s future. There’s nothing selfish in their motives: Their Aquarian team player always looks for the common good. They’re very capable schoolteachers, and might also be involved in the fine arts, possibly performing on stage or raising money for the local symphony orchestra or ballet troupe. But whatever their vocations or hobbies, they’ve a volunteer spirit that’s appreciated throughout the neighborhood and a keen awareness that their God-given purpose on this planet is to care for living things.

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