Aquarius Sun Scorpio Moon

Your good opinion of yourself is the lodestar of your life. Nobody is likely to be so important to you as yourself and your ambition.

You have a highly personalized approach to life, and, even when you are most intellectual, most detached, most abstracted in your thinking and reasoning, there is a strong personal underlying motif and a deep consciousness that You are important. You are a tremendous personality in your circle and can become an influence for good or evil on all you reach. You are magnetic, commanding, intellectually brilliant and intense, and you translate to your listeners a sense of your own importance that is hypnotic. Once your spell is working, your followers feel that you can do no wrong. But so personal is this charm and so bound up with your own vitality that if you relax it collapses; you don’t train lieutenants to carry on your work or impel people to cheer for you when you aren’t there. They are sold on you, personally, rather than on what you do or fail to do, and when you need defenders or apologists, few will be forthcoming.

You accept the responsibility of your life and build it yourself, and with your efforts it ceases. If you can learn to detach yourself and your thinking and emotional processes from the all-absorbing you, then you can achieve a more objective grip on things which will rest on more secure foundations. But you tend to build everything on your own vitality, demanding, rather than wooing, recognition and love. The result is that when you are no longer able to demand you find you have built no strong foundations on which these things can continue to rest. You are not a superficial person, being deep and intense; but you may appear superficial through your self-absorption.

Dig deeply into your consciousness to see on what essential fallacies you are working, and in any case, try to find the method by which your tremendous powers can be released, impersonally, to gain you an emotional and intellectual, rather than a purely personal, hold on your public.

Grant Lewi

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