Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon

You have a nice blend of the emotional and intellectual natures – an efficient mind, purposeful, reasonable, and logical. You have all the qualities necessary to be a good executive except the desire to be one. You are impelled to personal development rather than to those pursuits that lead to public acclaim. You are devoid of the domineering or missionary spirit, willing to “live and let live.” This gives you a certain detachment that may be interpreted as snobbishness. You estimate people, not according to their wealth and position, but according to whether or not they interest you. If they don’t interest you, you simply don’t bother with them. You are romantic, but with romanticism you combine a deep sense of loyalty and dependability. Loyalty holds you in check where conventions would not, for with respect to the conventions you are theoretically scornful, though in actual practice you rarely do anything to violate them.

You are a lover of peace and harmony and will use all your tact and graciousness to avoid a quarrel. You are able in your private life to achieve peace with honor – that is, in your quiet way, you pretty generally get what you want and make the other fellow like it. In early youth this amounts to stubbornness, but with maturity it develops into fixity of purpose. You are willing to wait for results, and you know the futility of forcing issues. Socially, you are gracious and sympathetic, but you don’t go out of your way for people. Your friends seek you. You are interested in the arts.

You are likely to be associated with artistic people, however, and to be in some way connected with art professionally, perhaps on the executive or directing side of institutions and the like, where your executive ability finds a congenial outlet.

Grant Lewi

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