Aquarius Sun Taurus Rising

A good attitude is always important with a serious Taurus, the Banker, personality. These people have staying power second to none, but they’re awfully intense. They just take themselves and life too seriously. But they’re affectionate, with a warm touch, and they usually show personal concern for others. They like to make people comfortable and are sometimes lavishly generous toward the people who are closest to them and whom they depend on. But they can also be fiercely intimidating with a bullish posture, totally convinced that their way is the only way.

Once these people learn their lessons, they’re invaluable to the team because their steady-as-she-goes Beast of Burden kicks in. They understand the system and remember the routine. But if Taurus’ bull-headedness is too overpowering and Aquarius’ disagreeable side is too often triggered, learning their lessons doesn’t always come easy. Aquarians with Taurus rising need to lighten up and keep their eyes, ears, and minds open to better ideas; they need to be willing to listen to others and realize that something can be unfamiliar and complicated but true. They too often stop listening when things get difficult to understand and dismiss good ideas and worthwhile concepts as worthless, untrue, or just plain wrong. “Don’t bother me with the facts” is never a productive strategy here. Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs, so a little flexibility always sweetens the pot. With flexibility and a good attitude, Taurus’ financial sensibility enables Aquarians to be enormously successful as Wall Street professionals or marketers of products of extremely high quality. They tend to excel in jobs that everyone else considers too demanding or too high pressure. And their generosity and community spirit might also equip them to be great fundraisers, almost uncanny in the way they drum up dollars for worthwhile programs. Yes, they’ll always need a lot of independence, and remembering to keep an open mind might be a lifelong challenge, but that’s an effort that pays off a hundredfold and allows Aquarius’ magnetic, electric, funny-bone to shine through and work its magic.

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