Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Mind power and ability to detach yourself from personal considerations are your chief assets. You can reason things out with a fine, hard, critical analysis and, through being able to keep your emotions out of situations you achieve an unusually sane judgment. If you have had a good education you go far in an intellectual, creative, or professional career. You are expressive and can be eloquent in either writing or speech. You can reason from a minimum of evidence and through intellectual subtlety can make the worse appear the better cause. You are a hard opponent in argument or debate, and even in personal matters you bring your reason and your argumentativeness to bear. You believe in the power of the spoken and written word, and this is likely to make oddities in your emotional life. You can think up reasons and excuses for your affections and emotions and expect other people to do the same. You aren’t an especially good loser, either in intellectual or emotional matters, and you have a way of seeming hurt if people don’t agree with you or if your persuasiveness fails. Your emotions are so bound up with your thinking processes that you think those who love you ought to agree with you and those who agree with you must love you. Since the rest of the world doesn’t understand this attitude, you are likely to feel pretty lonely. A good deal of self-pity accompanies this position. You take yourself pretty seriously and feel aggrieved when others do not do the same. A peculiarly detached approach to matters of affection and love brings you disappointments, for you are much in need of companionship, which you do not make apparent in the most direct manner possible. You are sensitive and very conscious of rebuffs, perhaps imagining them when they do not actually exist. You are proud and therefore appear self-sufficient, which you are not really at all.

Grant Lewi

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