Aries Horoscope 1 – 2

A man shown a hidden portal to the underworld.

An old tapestry, gently lifted by a breeze, revealed it: A round portal, ringed in stone opening onto a dark road leading downward. He took a box of candles with him, but when they ran out he was guided only by a faint light that came from his own eyes. Something behind them was waking and its wakefulness created a glow that drew him onward. He’d never realized that he himself was a candle, which the darkness had lit.

Azoth Oracle

Falling to earth a shadow opens up a dark passageway.

There those tailless comets known as star shadows which can only be seen by seers, and which fall to earth occasionally. These star shadows are wandering flames of night which sometimes, in their momentary resting, take root and open up all manner of caves and carve through the force of their all-consuming darkness subterranean chambers where souls weary of walking on the ground may descend into it to discover archives of the past which the earth has stored up inside itself.

Some consider these star shadows predators of men, vampires who feed on curiosity, and who must be denied, while others more knowledgeable know them by the name of Heavy Angels, who carry the power to bind men to the truth. It is said that the name of the first Star Shadow was Eve.

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