Aries Horoscope 2016

Following your dreams and work to accomplish them!

Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo will allow you plan, create, invest and following your dreams. From August 12, 2016, it’s time to work and harness what you’ve done before. You may seek (or should seek) to experience meaning in life through work and service to others. Self-purification and the refinement of their skills and abilities afford them a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction. In a bid to do as much as possible for themselves or others, some might hurry through one task in order to move quickly onto the next. Others, however, will apply themselves to any small matter with the utmost concern and diligence. As in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, a tiny detail can assume cosmic importance.

Pride will be taken in their work and they usually have a great deal of energy to contribute to any employment situation. Although Jupiter is prone to believe that his way of doing things is best, they will normally have good relationships with co-workers. workers. Some may burden themselves with too many duties in life and not leave the time to care for their own bodies. Others may become almost obsessed with health or making the body a better vessel for the spirit. These people might undertake any new diet, technique or exercise which promises heaven on earth.

This year, until June, Saturn in the Sagittarius will connect our beliefs about the world with the physical reality of its laws and limits. Beliefs can range from the materialistic atheism of western science, which can only maintain its dogma by ignoring most of human experience, to the equally dogmatic and equally narrow beliefs of a variety of fundamentalist religions with small gods presiding over small and exclusive heavens. To stay in good standing, you have to follow the rules: ‘don’t look, don’t question’.

From 17 June to 17 September, there will be a strong sense of responsibility surrounding intimacy. This can indicate a working dedication to achieve lasting intimacy. But it may also reveal anxieties. You could fear being held responsible for every failure in sharing, not only blame for the shortcomings of your partnerships, but for any problems your partners have in their personalities. You may mistrust others’ motives, believing that they will reject you once they’re close enough to expose your flaws. These worries are not groundless – it’s necessary to approach with caution. Make a long-term commitment to union, and move one step at a time. Even when you feel the onrush of intimacy, remind yourself to slow down. The pitfall is wanting from others what you have not given yourself. The challenge is careful selection of partners followed by persevering effort.

Temper your sensitivity to others’ reactions, your fears that you will be criticized or humiliated for not changing fast or well enough. You know very well not only what must change, but how those changes must be expressed. Do not adhere to schedules or rules imposed from outside; forcing change out of fear of rejection achieves nothing. At the same time, do not refuse to work on changing simply because others seem to be pushing you. The challenge is to take responsibility for where you are, not where you feel you should be. Do so calmly, without protest, while you continue gaining strength through measured steps forward. Your fears of ego death have only the power you give them, so celebrate even tiny victories over inertia. Most of all, be gentle and forgiving with yourself. You can change; time is on your side.

You feel it’s not enough to merely have intuition; you often demand perfect knowing. This is too much to expect. Also, you fear the repercussions of intuition, believing that others will kill the messenger. Finally, you fear that you may actually be crazy, that intuition is not real, and that you are succumbing to a form of self-delusion. Each pitfall warrants real concern, but none is true. Your challenge is to work persistently to develop your intuitive faculties, constantly checking and double-checking the accuracy of your perceptions, and slowly developing faith that invisible worlds do indeed exist, and can be of great pragmatic value.

Money means responsibility, whether there is too little or too much. There is often delay or disappointment – your reward for patience is not as high as you hoped it would be. Happily, Saturn improves with age, like fine wine, and maturity can bring great common sense. But this is achieved only if you carefully manage the resources available through relationships. Easy money is counterfeit for you, and you must reject it. The challenge is to be like the little piggy who built his house out of bricks.

Thank you for reading us and we wish you a gorgeous year!

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