Timing will truly be everything this month. Everything. You’ll have to work at a furious pace to take advantage of the first half of June because by the end of the month … well, you’ll see. Stay tuned.

For now, however, you’re in a good place to begin any type of communications-related endeavor. Wait for the New Moon on June 13, which lands in your message sector. Don’t delay — act quickly to implement that new writing project, teaching opportunity, or presentation. If you’re considering launching a new podcast, website, YouTube channel, or other technology-related communications project, go for it — but expect delays in success. Remember, Aries, delays and not denial. There’s a difference.

The frustration for you begins soon after this New Moon, and for certain by June 26. It’s at this time that Mars, your ruling planet of motivation and assertive drive, turns retrograde. He’ll remain out of phase through August 27 mainly back pedaling through your 11th House of Aspirations. What is this all about? Great question.

On a mundane level, any of those technology-related endeavors you might have recently started are likely to feel as if the universe put them into lockdown. Progress in the way you want it to happen (i.e. FAST) is simply not going to happen. Instead, you might realize that you need to tweak something important about this endeavor in order to make it truly succeed. As difficult as it is for you to exercise patience, if you are able to keep your cool and keep your eye on the prize, then the prize will be yours. Eventually.

If you’re affiliated with a group or organization, there might be some adjustments during this time. The mission of the group might change, and your role within this clique is likely to shift as well. A Full Moon at the top of your chart on June 28 will have you in the spotlight and feeling like you’re in command of your professional life. The slowdown of your overall energy might be a good thing as it will allow you to take enough time to bask in the glory you’ve earned to date.

Also, when it comes to your love life, you’re looking good. Venus, the planet of amore, will move into your romance sector on June 13, remaining here through July 9. Your dating prospects are stunning during this time, however, you won’t want to begin a new sexual relationship with anyone with Mars turning retrograde. If you do, you might realize that you’re not as compatible as you initially thought once Mars turns direct. Ouch!


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