Aries Rising

Aries Rising – General

You project yourself into the world spontaneously, directly, honestly, fearlessly, audaciously, heroically. You carry the qualities of boldness, courage, and leadership, and your function is to blaze new pathways, to lead, to initiate and to do.

Aries Rising and Mars in Aries

Your ruling planet, Mars, is also in Aries: You are a fireball of vitality and a true warrior. Become a master of yourself and conquer your own arrogance, impatience, and anger before you go out to conquer the world or burn yourself out.

Aries Rising and Mars in Taurus

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the stabilizing sign of Taurus. You have the concentrated power of a locomotive. You may start slowly but your energy steadily builds, and you can sustain your efforts over the long haul. Putting your creative fire into a concrete form (something tangible, usable, and enduring) is an important key to living out your destiny.

Aries Rising and Mars in Gemini

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Gemini: Using the power of the word and the intellect rather than the sword is your destiny. You are easily diverted, however, and may have to learn to do many things well, rather than to specialize. Part of living out your destiny has to do with introducing new ideas, methods, or products to others through writing or speaking.

Aries Rising and Mars in Cancer

Your ruling planet, Mars, however, is in the gentle, sensitive, and sympathetic sign of Cancer, so much of your forcefulness is softened by compassion or muted by caution. You are, and are intended to be, a strong defender of home, homeland, family, children, or the feminine. Ties to the past may inhibit you from acting as boldly as you would like, however.

Aries Rising and Mars in Leo

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the fiery, dramatic, rather narcissistic sign of Leo, as well. This increases your competitive drive, your need for recognition, and your will to lead. However, living for personal glory and aggrandizement alone, dominating or considering others to be less real or important than yourself, or simply burning out because you believe yourself to be invincible are definitely indicated. Dreams of power and glory inflame you, but unless you temper them with realism and compassion, you may go down in flames. If you use your passion to work a higher will, however, your life will be charged with light and meaning.

Aries Rising and Mars in Virgo

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the humble, service-oriented sign of Virgo, so you are not only to lead or strike out boldly in new directions, but also to render service to others. You have a strong sense of perfectionism in your work or craft, and a strong work ethic which guides you.

Aries Rising and Mars in Libra

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the social and egalitarian sign of Libra: You must act in accord with others, taking their needs and goals into account, in order to fulfill your own initiatives. Acting decisively and in harmony with your strong ideals of justice and fairness enables you to fulfill your destiny. When out of balance you tend to create adversaries and opponents in your life by your oppositional attitudes, and/or to depend too much on others’ agreement in order to make your own decisions.

Aries Rising and Mars in Scorpio

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in Scorpio: You are passionate, relentless, and powerfully driven to achieve your goals; you have great reserves of energy. A need to be in control and on top motivates you, which has both light and dark aspects. Beware of excessive use or misuse of sexual energies. You will encounter an intense backlash of karmic energy if you damage others. On the higher path you can direct your efforts into extraordinary achievements and/or simply live very intensely and vividly.

Aries Rising and Mars in Sagittarius

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the expansive and inspirational sign of Sagittarius. You need a cause, something larger than yourself and your own immediate concerns, to really feel alive. There is a crusader in you, and this is part of your soul function – inspiring others toward an ideal or generating enthusiasm for a cause. When out of balance you can be preachy and self righteous. A need for open-ended adventure and freedom also motivates you. You need to do a lot of seeking and wide-ranging exploration in order to discover your destiny, so you may be a late bloomer. Your intuition is strong and guides you well.

Aries Rising and Mars in Capricorn

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the realistic, hard working, and practical sign of Capricorn. You possess the self-control and dedication, as well as the ambition, to rise to prominence. Your soul function is to be an authority, Chief Executive, the “Boss”, a position that you will most likely achieve in your middle and later years. In order to fulfill your destiny, however, you must resolve the struggle between the part of you that is impatient, impulsive and wants to be free and wholly independent, and the more conservative side of you that wants to be accepted in conventional circles and knows what it takes to do so.

Aries Rising and Mars in Aquarius

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the unconventional, unorthodox, and innovative sign of Aquarius. This increases your need to be independent and do things in your own individualistic way. You break rules and question authority in order to advance into new territory. Though your personality may be somewhat abrasive and apparently selfish, you are driven by idealistic and altruistic intentions.

Aries Rising and Mars in Pisces

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the highly sensitive, receptive, gentle sign of Pisces, however. Your emotional vulnerability as well as your compassion and empathy diffuse the forcefulness and selfishness implied above. You may vacillate between clear, decisive action and passivity, between a desire to assert yourself and get what you want versus your essentially non-aggressive and non-competitive nature. Part of your soul function has to do with defending or standing tall for the weak, disadvantaged, or under dogs, and/or acting for the good of all, with broad sympathies, rather than simply for your own good.

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