Aries Sun Aquarius Moon

Your interest in people pays large dividends, whether it takes the form of dealing with people in business, in public life or in the remoter forms of public contact. You are highly social and magnetic, and likely in some way or other to be well paid for anything you undertake that depends on your popularity with, or purchasing power of, the masses. You’d make a good salesman, either of merchandise, of yourself, or of any ideas you may have. You give a great impression of being interested in what goes on around you at the same time that you don’t lose sight of the main chance. This combination of assets makes it possible for you to analyze situations pretty accurately where either people or business matters are concerned.

Very little grass grows under your feet. Your life moves at a rapid pace. You’re romantic, courageous, and adventurous; large ventures appeal to you. You have little use for the trifling or the picayune. You probably have had the advantages of a good family background and the education that goes with it, for a certain aristocracy of breeding is denoted by this position, of which you know how to take advantage.

Democratic notions are not marked, for you are an extreme individualist, believing in yourself, and those in your financial and social strata; and despite your success in dealing with people, you have no particular faith in them. Politically, you are more likely to be a reactionary than a liberal. Economically, you believe in capitalism and its perquisites – for the very sufficient reason that this system has in all probability been very good to you. Realizing, however, that success in any system derives from the masses, you are able to conceal your inner feeling that most people are sheep or worse, and to make the most of public and private opportunity.

You are not wanting in self-esteem and it’s likely that your good opinion of yourself, your ideas, and your mode of life contributes to your lack of sympathy with those who think differently, or pursue different modes of life, or dwell on a lower economic scale. You go with the right people, live in the right part of town, belong to the right clubs, and send your children to the right schools. Intellectually you are sound and thorough; emotionally you are romantic and highly idealistic, ardent.

This is a good position for material success and well-being, and also for some degree of public recognition, either in political, business, or intellectual pursuits.

Grant Lewi

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